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How do I get my tree home? We suggest that you bring a sheet or a tarp to wrap your tree in. (we don't like plastic so we don't wrap our trees). A small tree will fit in your car or station wagon, but a roof rack or trailer is best for a larger tree.

How do I keep my tree alive? The tree will soak up water from a fresh cut so when you get it home, put it in a bucket of water and let it stand up to fall back into shape. Once you've put it into a tree stand (available at hardware stores) or into a bucket with rocks, fill up with fresh water. The key to success here is to freshly cut into the submerged part of your tree every few days and top up the water. The cuts are sealed up by the trees natural sap after a day or two so you need to re-cut (just saw a few cuts into the tree trunk with a small saw or even a knife) to allow your  tree  to continue to soak up the water.

How long will my tree last? If you do the above, it will last up to three  weeks


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